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  1. is a magnetic link search engine, is a by-product of academic research, to solve the decentralization of resources
  2. It is through the BitTorrent protocol into DHT network, automatic collection of data in real time, title, size, file list file identifier, only the document storage (magnetic link) and other basic information
  3. does not download any real resources, unable to judge the legitimacy and authenticity of the resources, the use of services users need to identify the authenticity of the contents
  4. do not upload any resources, do not provide Tracker services do not provide the seed file download, which means that the is a complete legal system


  1. The results returned by the magnetic link, this does not mean you can directly through the download resources, you need to download the tools (QQ, BitComet, thunder, Tornado) in order to achieve download
  2. In mobile devices such as mobile phone can also use, refer to the mobile version; does not provide online video resources play service, you can use Baidu cloud services online play
  3. If the index the content of violation of your rights, please contact, we will be processed within 2 working days


  1. on some subjective malicious search shielding obviously
  2. The default on search keywords accurately matching the search results by creating time resource scheduling; if no matching result becomes fuzzy matching, the matching according to the ranking results


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